"Steven and I have worked together on numerous, varied projects over the last 10 years. Whether conducting research for a journal article on cycling policy or organizing key parts of Vancouver municipal election campaigns, Steven is dedicated to his work and thoughtful and innovative in its execution. If Steven is working in a team he naturally becomes the "heart of the team” and can effectively step into leadership roles.

Steven has a deep understanding of climate change research and policy alternatives to address it. He is an urbanist who ensures he is informed of current trends and innovations in urban planning and policy.

Of all of Steven's many talents and skills, every time I work with him I reminded and impressed by his calm, methodical approach that has enabled him to always deliver his work to the highest quality regardless of the ambitious mandate or challenges that arise."

- Matt Smith, Senior Director, Research & Engagement, Stratcom

"Steve is a passionate and tireless change maker. His leadership and expertise are second only to his integrity and character. I've had the pleasure of working with Steve and always relied on him to go beyond the call to ensure a successful outcome. I trust him completely." 

- Tory Pearson, Product Marketing Manager, Unbounce 


"I think what I enjoyed most about working with Steve on our campaign is that he’s not only focussed and organized, he’s relentlessly positive. That energized me on days when I could feel my own energy flagging. He always made me feel like we were close to our goal and made me want to keep working harder. He’s a terrific leader who motivates and encourages his team and makes everyone feel valued and respected, and that they are a critical part of the team. He’s also smart, analytical and strategic about bringing tools, technology and resources together to get the job done. And he’s just a pleasure to work with."

Patti Bacchus, Vancouver School Board Trustee

"We salute you [Steven] for adding to the online story of the need to prepare and adapt to climate change and sea level rise." 

- Trevor Barry, British Columbia Climate Action Secretariat