Planted City is a multi-service urban sustainability consultancy owned and operated by Steven Godfrey. Services include urban and regional planning, small space gardening, community engagement and photography. 

Planted City first took form in 2010 when Steven was completing his graduate studies in urban and regional planning. Through his research into the best practices for building sustainable and resilient communities he learned about powerful barriers to the development of a globally sustainable future. Among these, the lack of public awareness of sustainability issues stood out given that community engagement figures prominently in planning processes. 

Recognizing this shortcoming Steven created Planted City, an urban sustainability blog "compiling the case for adapting to and embracing change." His primary goal with the blog continues to be to engage and motivate readers to make sustainability central to their thinking and daily decision-making. The blog was recognized as one of "10 great green Tumblr accounts to follow" in its first year and currently counts more than 47,000 followers.  

In 2015, Steven decided to connect his Planted City brand and years of developing his skills, knowledge and experience into a Vancouver, Canada based urban sustainability consultancy.

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