The adage goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words." How true! Most people are visual learners and value images for telling stories and communicating ideas and emotion. Sometimes though, a striking or pretty picture is just that and that's fine too. 

Planted City Principal Steven Godfrey has long been interested in photography as a means of visual communication. His photos explore urban and natural landscapes with an emphasis on examples of urban sustainability in Canada and internationally.  Whether walking down a street, hiking to the top of a mountain or crouching down next to a plant Steven is always looking for details that catch his eye. 

In recent years Steven has contributed to global efforts to visualize climate change through photography. His photos have appeared in print and online publications in Canada and around the world including The Guardian, The Atlantic Monthly, The ConversationGrist, The Tyee, The Georgia Straight, Clean Energy Canada, The University of British Columbia, and The Vancouver Climate Risk Forum.  

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