Connecting the dots: SMALL SPACE GARDENING

People are increasingly interested in gardening and growing some of their own food. The challenge is they often don't know where to start. Others assume that they don't have the space or skills to do so. This is especially the case for people who live in apartments, condominiums or townhomes. In reality, there are more and more options available for gardening and growing food in small spaces. Planted City can help with that. And make it a whole lot of fun!

Principal Steven Godfrey is an enthusiastic green thumb with more than a decade's experience as a landscaper and gardener. He operated a small gardening company during his undergraduate degree in Victoria, BC and has worked in garden shops and plant nurseries across Metro Vancouver. He has also continued to work with individuals and groups interested in small space gardening and food growing projects. For example, he recently worked with the Hollyburn Family Society in North Vancouver to plan and build a community garden at one of their properties for youth-at-risk. He has also taken courses on small-space gardening, green roof design and building healthy soils and is excited to share what he learned with you.

Whether you live in a condo and only have a small balcony or if you have an entire yard to work with, Planted City can help. Ready to grow? Contact Planted City.