Connecting the dots: Climate change

We live in a remarkable time in history. The choices we make today will have wide-reaching impacts both in the short and medium-term, but also long into the future. We have to choose wisely. 

Principal Steven Godfrey has been a climate change and sustainability communicator for more than a decades. He is a creative problem-solver, continuous learner and deeply knowledgeable about climate, energy and sustainability issues. He also has extensive experience using photography, text and social media tools to engage people and create awareness about this challenge and opportunities to address it.

Steven recently powered up his skills as a climate change and sustainability communicator. He earned a certificate from the University of British Columbia's Summer Institute in Sustainability Leadership; learning valuable techniques and insights from sustainability professionals and researchers. He also completed training from former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore and his non-profit organization, The Climate Reality Project. Steven now gives climate change themed presentations in the Vancouver community on a voluntary basis and continues to engage people through his blog, photos and other social media.

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